The Historic Alfred I Dupont Building

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Miami, Florida, United States
The Historic Alfred I Dupont Building
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The Historic Alfred I Dupont Building

Miami, Florida, United States


An uncommon venue for uncommon people

Experience the grand exterior of 17 stories of Wisconsin limestone and Alabama black granite. Inside past the bas-relief brass elevator doors and the ornate iron grates beyond the escalator, the building welcomes you to its true brilliance. The marble walls and floors echo with the history of Miami’s elite as you enter the ballrooms. Turn your gaze upward at the intricately hand-painted cypress ceilings. The grandeur of this extraordinary location makes it the perfect venue for your special event.

Historic of Splendor

A historic and breathtaking landmark in Miami for over three quarters of a century, the Alfred I. duPont Building reflects the culture and designs of past eras that paves the way for future generations. The Art Deco style of the late 1920s to 1930s is prevalent throughout, from the granite and limestone aesthetics of the exterior to the delicately painted cypress ceiling and marble paneling of the interior. Step into the duPont building, and you walk in the footsteps of Florida’s historical elites into a wonderfully preserved and grandiose piece of history.

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Miami, Florida, United States

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