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Hello everyone my name is LaJoy Cox. I am a mother of three beautiful crazy kids currently living just outside of Atlanta GA. I originally grew up in Ohio in a few different cities and decided to move away from my home town to escape the cold weather (snow is beautiful but I really hate to shovel it).  

How did I start photography? Well back in high school I thought this guy was cute and I enrolled myself in photography class just to be close to him. Problem with that is the teacher could see right through that and put a stop to that right away. lol. I started to shoot more outside using natural light and slowly developed a love for photography and a love for the darkroom. I started my business four years ago after loosing my biggest supporter, my mother. I wanted to give her a reason to be proud of me and I wanted to help other people save beautiful moments between their family and loved ones. 

My children are the biggest reminders for me of just how lucky I truly am. They may keep me from having sleep and eating my food alone and they take over my bed sometimes and make it impossible for me to be comfortable but I love them so much and wouldn't trade my life for anything in the world. I am just your average girl with a great eye for photography that represents the love that people have for one another. If you choose to book with me expect me to tell you about my kids, my cat, my dog and how my life is just like yours. So "Who am I ?" I am a mom, a friend, tomboy at heart and your next photographer.


Atlanta, Georgia
United States


Monday- Saturday 9am-9pm Sunday-12pm-6pm

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