Woodbridge, New Jersey, United States

Herkreations LLC

Woodbridge, New Jersey, United States


Herkreations Turning Fantasy Into Reality


HerKreations is a New York and New Jersey based Event Planning and Wedding Design company founded in 2017 by lead designer Toni Antrobus.  At HerKreations we have an obsession with pushing past the limits of imagination to create phenomenal and unique displays.  Specializing in sophisticated events that embody the personalities and styles of our clients, we are best known for our attention to detail and ability to turn an idea into an experience, with unforgettable, mesmerizing displays that will leave you and your guests breathless.


"I've been asked why I chose this career and my answer was quite simple: I enjoy being able to take a vision and bring it to life; the added bonus is I get to be a part of, and celebrate in, the journeys, milestones, and triumphs of my clients. For them to choose me is quite the honor."

  - Lead Designer, Toni Antrobus




Woodbridge, New Jersey, United States

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